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Damn Good Food!!

Since 1952

Quality ingredients create quality flavor

Local restaurants come and go, but Mr. Don’s is here to stay. The secret to our success might be our homemade gravy or our homemade chili dog sauce. Or is it the deep fried pop-tarts that keeps you coming back? One thing that is certain is our little family owned and operated diner is a staple in Battle Creek, MI. If specialty desserts and comfort food is what you’re craving, you’ve found the spot..


Fast Food Favorites with a Quality Spin

With all the trendy diets popping up and people becoming more aware of their health, it can be a struggle to get your “health nut” friends and family members on board with eating out at Mr. Don’s. The problem with most fast food restaurants is they they use ingredients that aren’t fresh and have been hanging out in the freezer for who knows how long.

At Mr. Don’s, we use only the best ingredients to keep customers coming back time and time again. We follow the golden rule of ‘Fresh over Frozen’. Mr. Don’s is serving up fast food classics and original dishes like:

+ The Don Burger
+ Scratch-made Biscuits & Gravy
+ House-made Onion Rings
+ Fish Sandwich
+ Fried Mushrooms
+ Deep Fried Pop Tarts

We know there is something for everyone at Mr. Don’s – even your health nut friend!
When quality ingredients are involved food always tastes better.