Damn Good Food!!

Offering Cooked-to-Order Burgers, Hot Dogs, and Breakfast, Crafted With Passion Since 1952

Mr. Don’s Restaurant

Family-Owned Quick Service Restaurant in Battle Creek, MI

Hey there, food enthusiasts! While restaurants in our town tend to come and go like tumbleweeds in the wind, Mr. Don's is here to stay, serving up culinary delights that'll make your taste buds dance. What's our secret recipe for success, you ask?

It could be the homemade gravy we pour with love or the finger-licking chili dog sauce we whip up, or maybe our irresistible deep-fried pop-tarts keep you coming back for more. One thing's for sure: our cozy family-owned diner has become a beloved staple in Battle Creek, MI.

So, if you're seeking specialty desserts and comfort food, you've stumbled upon the perfect spot.

Mr. Don’s Restaurant

Burgers: A Must-Have Indulgence

Let's face it, folks, life just isn't complete without sinking your teeth into a juicy burger occasionally. It's practically a universal law! And lucky for you, we've got the burger game on lock. At Mr. Don's, we believe in crafting burgers that'll have you grinning from ear to ear. Each patty is a work of art, perfectly seasoned and flame-grilled to perfection. Trust us, you won't be able to resist:

The Don Burger – A towering masterpiece packed with all the fixings and a secret sauce that'll make your taste buds throw a party.

Health Nut Friendly

We totally get it. Nowadays, it seems everyone's jumping on the health bandwagon, munching on kale like it's going out of style. Convincing your “health nut” friends to join you at Mr. Don's might be challenging, but fear not! We're about to drop some mouthwatering knowledge on you. 

Mr. Don’s Restaurant

Fresh Over Frozen

We're committed to using only the freshest, top-quality ingredients. We live by the golden rule: Fresh over Frozen. So, while we serve up those classic fast food favorites that'll transport you back to your childhood, we add our twist that'll have you begging for more. Check out our lineup of deliciousness:

  • Scratch-Made Biscuits & Gravy
  • House-Made Onion Rings
  • Fish Sandwiches
  • Fried Mushrooms
  • Deep Fried Pop Tarts

Your Happiness is Our Priority

Remember, folks, there's something for everyone at Mr. Don's – even your health-conscious buddies! Because when it comes to food, quality ingredients are the secret ingredient to pure satisfaction. So, gather your crew, bring your appetites, and join us for a meal that'll leave you smiling from ear to ear. We can't wait to serve you!

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